Escursionisti ritrovano una vecchia Exakta VX IIa in un canyon in Oregon

Perdere la propria fotocamera è una delle cose peggiori che possano capitare ad un fotografo, a volte accade per una disattenzione o un incidente, altre volte perché ci viene rubata. Due giovani escursionisti stavano facendo trekking alla Gola del Columbia, un canyon del fiume Columbia che si trova nel Nord-ovest Pacifico degli Stati Uniti d'America a confine tra la parte nord di Washington a nord e il sud dell’Oregon, ed hanno trovato una vecchia fotocamera.

Ethan just posted the GoPro video of us finding the camera!! Check it out!!! @thefieldprojects Anyone lose a camera say.... Idk,,, maybe 80 years ago down at Eagle Creek?? I think we may have found Ansel Adams 1st camera!! Obviously we were in a spot not many people have been. Down a high steep slope next to the creek!! My homie Ethan @thefieldprojects found it almost completely buried! And it still has film in it! He already found someone that can develop it! Will let u know what's up! Follow @thefieldprojects !!!! Stay stuned for some other cool shots from our adventure earlier today!! Hi Everyone!! This camera is drawing so much attention and questions/comments I figured I'd do a reply all. Yes, soon as Ethan found it (which he at first thought to be a flask, Lol, because it was buried lens down almost completely covered) and dug it out, the first thing we noticed was it had film in it! And imagined what could be captured!! We were bout a mile in on the trail when we went down and across a steep slope to cross Eagle Creek to the other side!! And yes, the creek was cold and strong as hell!! We went to an beautiful unnamed waterfall that we post shortly and on the way back after crossing the creek again, I walked right over and thankfully Ethan saw it!! The trail from here was at least 300' above up a sheer cliff. This unfortunate photographer must have dropped it and could not get down there. It was sketchy and steep even for us and back then the landscape could've been even worst. We all hope the film can be developed, and will find out asap! Imagine a beautiful photo of punch bowl falls 60-70 years ago! Or a photo of the photographer,, the very first selfie maybe??!!!We'll keep of all of you posted @thefieldprojects !! Thanks so much!! BTW... From some of the comments posted by people who actually know something bout this type camera, it seems like it's from the 50's or 60's, definitely not the 30's. Not really sure how just yet, but still cool regardless!!Keep y'all posted!!

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Attraversando un ripido pendio vicino ad un torrente, Ethan Field e Ron Campbell, sono stati attirati da qualcosa che luccicava in mezzo alla vegetazione, si sono avvicinati ed hanno trovato una macchina fotografica vintage, una Exakta VX IIa, un modello tedesco che è stato prodotto tra il 1957 e il 1963.

Hi Everyone!!! Here's the scoop on the "Mystery Camera" Today Ethan @thefieldprojects went in and spoke with Junior @bluemooncamera about our "mystery camera". What we found out is that by attempting to take out the film we will only be pulling out dust. Due to the heavy corrosion and since the back of the camera was slightly cracked open and exposed to the water/snow/dirt/ ect... The film has been too damaged for any type of image to remain. However, we are going to attempt to do it slowly and take apart the camera to smoothly pull out anything remaining. I am excited to continue to the search. Junior (our friendly worker ) insisted that with these old cameras, the person of ownership would have possibly engraved a social security number onto the bottom and/or inside of camera. So we are hoping after a careful cleaning to find who's camera this is. As it is possible they were lost just as the camera was lost . So our plan now... is to contact the museums in the area and ask if they would like to have the camera put in a nice show area, hopefully alongside the name of the owner. Until then Ethan and I are going to attempt to scrape off some off the corrosion to search for SS number! Will keep y'all posted!!

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La macchina è piena di sporcizia, terra e incrostazioni e, a giudicare dal suo aspetto, è stata persa parecchio tempo fa. I due ragazzi hanno pubblicato le foto e nel frattempo hanno cercato di pulirla scoprendo che al suo interno c’è ancora un rullino, hanno deciso di provare a sviluppare la pellicola sperando che questo li aiuti a trovare il legittimo proprietario. La loro scoperta è stata divulgata e condivisa da moltissime persone e anche dai media locali….

Il potere dei social riuscirà a compiere questo miracolo e ritrovare il proprietario? Io dico di si!

It's Going Down 4 Real.... The investigation continues!! Check out the update on @thefieldprojects

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