I fotomontaggi surreali di Thomas Barbèy realizzati in camera oscura

Una pista da sci che finisce in drappo sghembo e stroppicciato in fondo al tavolo, evocando una dimensione onirica affine a quella visualizzata da Sanvador Dalì per la psicosi del finto psicanalista nello Spellbound (Io ti salverò, 1945) di Alfred Hitchcock.. Oh Sheet! Una passeggiata sul lungomare naufragata sotto il pelo d'acqua di una piscina, cascate in città, onde anomale a Venezia, prospettive insolite e capovolte.

Fotomontaggi artistici di mondi immaginari e dimensioni surreali, creati da Thomas Barbèy senza Photoshop, lavorando in-camera e camera oscura, fotografando paesaggi in giro per il mondo con la sua Mamiya RB 67 o la vecchia Canon AE-1 35mm SLR, e successivamente combinando diversi negativi, doppie esposizioni, ritocco o aerografia, 'rephotographing' e collage fotografici.

Looking for my lost dog in Central Park ©Thomas Barbey
Sightseeing was a Blast ©Thomas Barbey
Sunbathing ©Thomas Barbey
Night...Mare ©Thomas Barbey

Paesaggi di metafore, illusioni ed enigmi, ispirate al fotografo dai suoi viaggi, dal quotidiano e l'immaginario, quanto dalle visioni artistiche di Rene Magritte, MC Escher e Roger Dean. Magari anche da “le probabili impossibilità che sono da preferirsi alle improbabili possibilità” per Aristotele.

Every single one of my images has to pass what I like to call the “So what?” test. If a combination of two or more negatives put together doesn’t touch me or have any particular meaning, I throw it out. I try to combine images and sometimes the results can be disappointing. A giant clock in the middle of the ocean can be an unusual image but if I look at it and say to myself, “So what?” This means it isn’t good enough. If instead, an ocean liner is going down a “funnel-type” hole and I entitle it “shortcut to China,” it takes on a whole new meaning. The picture takes you into an imaginary world where you can see the captain telling the passengers to fasten their safety belts to get prepared for the descent.
At times I come up with ideas beforehand, try to materialize them and it works. At other times, it is an accident and the ideas come afterwards, when the image is already finished and the concept has yet to be understood. It is almost as if I am learning constantly through the process of creation. I travel a lot to take photographs of different things and places. Sometimes I use an image several years later, but only when it fits, like the perfect piece in a puzzle, and completes my latest project. Some images are composed of negatives that are separated by a decade in the actual time that I had taken them and only come to life when they found their perfect match. it’s the combination of two or more negatives that they give birth to a completely unsual vision, but most of all, the title I give the final image is the glue and the substance of the piece.

Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible” Albert Einstein

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