Panasonic G2, micro quattro terzi con touch screen?

Emergono nuovi dettagli sulla prossima Panasonic G2 e sembra che sarà dotata di schermo touchscreen.

Trattandosi di una versione economica e piccola l'utilizzo di questo schermo consente di non sovraffollare il corpo macchina con troppi tasti e sfruttare un po' qualche effetto stile iPhone.

A questo punto, però, diventa difficile immaginare che mantengano la snodabilità dello schermo che può essere comoda in molti casi. Vedremo se e come verrà accolta questa decisione dal mercato, ma dopo il salto un breve siparietto di Lazy Photographer:

“Okay, Marketing, what have we learned from the consumers worldwide?”
“Many seem to be very disappointed that there is no image stabilization built into the camera like with the Olympus.”
“Got it. Okay, now how many want a touch screen?”
“Um, no one.”
“What do you mean, no one? The apple iPhone has a touch screen and everyone’s nuts about!”
“True, but we are building a next generation camera here, not a telephone.”
“But look at Apple’s shares, they are going through the roof!”
“Ours would be too, if we listened to the consumer and gave them in-body IS like Olympus did.”
“I get your point. So how has our articulating LCD display gone over with the consumer?”
“They LOVE it and a lot of our success with the G1 and GH1 can be attributed to that, despite the lack of IS.”
“Makes sense. Okay, so let’s recap: Customers want built-in IS and the articulating LCD, but couldn’t give a rat’s ass about a touch screen, right?”
“That about sums it up, yes.”
“Okay, R & D, get to work on the G2. Forget about in-body IS, lose the articulating screen, and throw in a touch screen ala Apple iPhone.”
“Um, Sir, do you secretly work for Olympus?”
“No comment.”

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